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About Me


When I was in grade school, I can remember watching television commercials and telling my parents what I thought they could do differently and better to sell that product. I remember thinking how the slogan of the commercial could be different or the images being shown could be better. Back then I already knew that I wanted to be involved in the creative process of promoting a product.

After getting involved in different art class inside and outside of school, I really developed a passion for all different types of creative mediums. From digital web design, painting, drawing, jewelry making, wood refinishing; I loved dabbling in them all! I craved learning how to do new things. If I didn't know how to do it, I would teach myself.  It brought me so much joy to make things for people that would fulfill their ideas even if they didn't know how to do it themselves.

After graduating from Purdue University in 2010 with a degree in Communications, I pursued a career as an Account Manager at different marketing/advertising agencies. However, my job wasn't fulfilling the creative side of me. That is why I decided to create Simply Elegant Designs by Stephanie.

At the beginning Simply Elegant Designs was a space for me to create and design invitations. It allowed me to dabble in digital art design as well as paper products, both which I loved. Now Simply Elegant Designs has expanded into showing other areas that I love such as painting. I've used my design background along with my painting to make hand-painted height rulers for kids. 


Anyone who knows me would say: I'm creative, willing to learn anything, and love to create things that make people smile. I am eternally grateful to use the gifts God has given me to bring joy to others. 

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